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Aplikasi Windows Phone Pasar Sambilan SME

Pasar Sambilan Universal app

Hari ini akhirnya selesai juga membuat aplikasi Windows Phone untuk Pasar Sambilan SME sebagai Portal Mobile untuk situs Pasar Sambilan SME.

Berikut Previewnya :

Windows Phone 8.1 

Untuk yang mau download, bisa melalui http://bit.ly/17Opdpv

Atau Scan QR Codenya dari smartphone Windows Phone kamu
Bila memerlukan Windows Apps Certificate, karena installernya manual bukan dari Windows Store. bisa download disini http://appstudio.windows.com/Job/GetAet

Untuk Instruksinya sebagai berikut

NOTE: When you open the link to install the app you will see the ‘Tap to open’ page in Internet explorer. When you tap it, it will prompt you with the ‘install company app’ dialog. When you click install the application will be installed in the background. You will return to the internet explorer page. You don’t need to ‘tap to open’ a second time. When you click the start button and swipe to the applications page the installed application will be in the list.

For Windows Phone 8.1

As well as various 3rd party QR Code readers you can use, you can also use Bing vision by doing the following. Open your camera on your Windows phone. Press the “Lenses” button Search icon( Sometimes the lenses button won’t be bound to your screen, you can do this by pressing the three dots and adding it to your bindings ) From here, a new menu will appear with various lenses listed. Choose Bing Vision.
Remember that by clicking “install” you download the app. By clicking Tap to open, you add the company certificate. It pushes you back to “Install company app” at that point, but you do not have to do it a second time. At this point, go to your app menu and you will see your app. Point the phone’s camera at the QR code that opens with the certificate link, and the phone will automatically scan it. Click “add” and the certificate is successfully installed once it returns to the original Install the certificate page.
Once your certificate is installed and your app is generated, follow the same instructions to scan the QR code. Accept the installation, and your app will now appear in your app list!

Windows 8.1   Desktop

Untuk yang mau Download, bisa melalui http://bit.ly/17OpfxB

Ini merupakan project pertama kita untuk pengembangan aplikasi Windows Phone.

Latest versions

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